Tin Man Brewery @ Liquor Locker

The simple things we take for granted, like turning on a light or having a cold beer at the end of the day, can be the result of a long, complex and finely tuned process. At Tin Man Brewing Company, each can and glass of craft beer is made with thought, planning, and world-class technology in our full production brewery.

The 20 HL brewhouse, which is only the third brewery in the country to use a mash filter, is the first of its size. No wonder, since that’s 2000 liters, or as many quarts as you would need to put your motor vehicle through more than 400 oil changes.

In the brewhouse, milled grain is steeped in a vessel called the mash tun. This is called mashing, and converts the starches in the grain to sugars, which the yeast will then convert into alcohol. After mashing, the mash is transferred into the mash filter. In our innovative process, the mash filter replaces a traditional lauter tun where the mash is separated into clear liquid wort through the grain bed. The mash filter squeezes the wort from the spent grain, so the grain does not act like a filtration medium as it does in a traditional lauter tun. After the mash filter the sweet liquor is transferred to the boil kettle, where it is boiled with hops to give the beer its flavor and bitterness; aromatic hops are added at the end of the boil to give the beer its aroma. The resulting liquid is now called wort. The wort is then transferred to the whirlpool to remove large amounts of solids (trub) before it is transferred to a fermenter.

Next, the wort is pumped to a fermentation tank through a heat exchanger to quickly cool the extremely hot wort to the right temperature for fermentation, then yeast is pitched into the wort and fermentation begins as the yeast eats the sugar. After fermentation and conditioning, we transfer the beer through a centrifuge to remove the yeast sediment. A centrifuge helps keep our beer losses and oxygen pickup down. After filtration, the beer is pumped to brite beer tanks, where it is ready for canning or kegging, where you can enjoy every last sip!