We have begun a unique delivery system. We will deliver alcohol and other products sold by Liquor Locker to your address for a nominal charge. When you call in, 812-479-7979, your order will be taken as well as a credit card number with which to secure the order. We will also get the phone number and the address to which we are delivering. The employee will give an estimate of when the delivery will be made.


Deliveries cannot be made to university residence halls or fraternity/sorority houses.

When the delivery is made the drivers license, and credit card of the person who secured the order over the phone will need to be produced so that our driver can confirm age and purchase ability and scan the card. Once this is done you will sign the screen and we will deliver your requested order and give you a receipt.

At the point where the delivery is in your possession the responsibility for the alcohol is yours. Do not allow minors to consume alcohol beverages as it is against the law and the penalties are great.
Our deliveries will be made by an employee of Liquor Locker who has an employee permit to sell alcoholic beverages. These are trained servers who can refuse service to anyone who in their opinion is too intoxicated. All keg deliveries will require the filling out of the ATC tag at the point of delivery. All deliveries will have a minimum $5 delivery fee. Outlying areas may be charged more; we will give a delivery cost over the phone, when the order is placed. Maximum orders per drivers license are: 15.5 gallons of beer; 36 bottles of wine; 12 bottles of spirits.
Quantities listed above come from the 2011 Edition of Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Laws and Rules Annotated: 15.5 gallons of beer: (7.1-3-5-3, pg 117); 3 cases of wine (7.1-3-15-3, pg 148); 12 quarts of spirits (7.1-3-5-3, pg 136)



**In regards to our online delivery service**

We at the Liquor Locker strive to provide the best selection of quality products to the Evansville and surrounding areas. In doing so, our product availability changes on a daily basis. If you have any questions about the availability of a product, please feel free to call our Weinbach location during business hours.